Soo….. the other day I was asked a question about being a server (at a restaurant) who happens to have ADHD.
“How does that work for you”?
“Isn’t it stressful”?
Well like at any job, it gets stressful at times .
I like the booths like the walk-ins as opposed to the reservations.
Big tables get boring for me cause there’s not a lot going on after I take their order… just refills.
But with the booths its constant turn over and new faces and something different fast. So it’s easy for me to multitask that my mind works like that
Don’t get me wrong I like a big table once in a while, it breaks up the monotony and I need that cause my mind screams chaos with routine.
And the busier the better, I can’t stand it when its slow. Just a little insight


This is ADHD

Some times I let myself get into a funk. My mind goes a million miles a minute. I can’t concentrate on much. Flashes of things and tiny pit stops plague me! All throw out my waking moments, sometime it feels like even in my dreams I’m ADHD.

Like even in my sleep my mind can’t rest or focus cause my dreams seem scattered. Also it’s just that in the funk I’m not even of a sound concentrating mind, cause I’ll be down, but for a few minutes I’ll be find then I’ll stress about the week to come but still cant let go of something from the week past. I absolutely hate making group decisions and Netflix is a nightmare in itself cause I force myself into watching whole seasons.Then I find myself bored 3 episodes in.

The only shows I like are the ones with like 30 story-lines going on and even then I tend to zone out. Its like when do I get a break?? On top of all that I’m a server at a restaurant and need to stay focused when I’m there and that’s pretty hard in itself when I have family at home with health issues and a little sister who I try and be a mentor to. I also help my mom with things and then just recently lost a pet to health issues which put us in a financial strain. This cuts into money that I could be saving to get married but same sex marriage isn’t legal in the state we live in yet and neither of our cars are sound enough to make a long road trip so I compensate by trying to keep myself busy with video games or Facebook .

This whole ranting blog is an honest to god look into how my train of thought and mind works and rambles ….. Any questions ?? Sorry (not sorry) for the mess that is my mind and thoughts. This is ADHD.

A Short Hello


So, its been a couple of weeks I know, but one of the many drawbacks to ADHD is staying on track when trying to complete tasks.

I find myself getting off track fairly easy and I let myself get caught up in way too many tasks to complete.

This then also adds to anxiety which furthers the sidetracking.

LOL l I know it sounds like a simple task to just not take on too much or simplify or shrink the portions on my plate but with ADHD its not that easy.

Ideas just flow uncontrollably and I find myself taking on a lot at once.

Blogging has added a little more to my plate but I promise to try to keep it more regular!

Any questions or topics u might wanna know my opinion on or ask me about please comment! I’ll do my best to answer!


My Story

I am currently 31. I was diagnosed when I was probably 10 or 11. My mom didn’t realize there was a problem. I was her first son and she chalked it up to boys will be boys. Although, in middle school it was harder to ignore the problem. It wasn’t that I wasn’t smart it was that I was too smart! I’d finish work or tests and afterwards be very bored and unable to sit still or not talk. I’d fidget and get very uneasy . Other times, I’d have way to many ideas and felt the i to express my self (maybe at the wrong times.) Also at the time my grand mother was sick (lung cancer) and I spent 5 days a week with her in a retirement community. I was a little overwhelmed. At the behest of my teachers, I was taken to a psychiatrist and eventually after tests and questions, diagnosed with ADHD. I was put on 2 different medications that helped me concentrate during school but gave me bad headaches and nosebleeds. My teachers were concerned. I was acting better but not participating and kinda just a zombie. My mom also concerned, decided to take me off meds and try to just work on self control and dealing with situations. To this day I manage a medication free lifestyle. At times it’s hard. So many things floating around my head, ideas, adventures, tasks, chores, errands and such. I have a hard time completing some things because I get distracted very easily, but for the most part I have surrounded myself with people who understand my situation and ADHD. Even now I’m concentrating on not going off topic and rambling about other things! Ha! I hope this helps a little and until next time try and stay focused. Joey (Bone) Richter



New Guy Introduction

Introduction blog.
Hey everyone my names Joe Richter. I’m 31 and I live in Florida. I’m going to be blogging about adult ADHD.(attention deficit hyper activity disorder).
For me its a constant battle to focus on one or two things with out getting sidetracked on other things. Its like that kid you knew growing up who wanted to be a firemen who rescued cats… But liked the cat so wanted to be a vet… But liked medicine so wanted to be a doctor… But saw an ambulance so wanted to be a race car driver etc. Quickly acting out each scenario with lightening speed. As an adult you are expected to grow up and act accordingly but what happens when the thoughts and feeling don’t slow down? You don’t grow out of it… That’s what I’ll be here for. To share my thoughts and feelings and try to shed a little light onto the situation . I’m going to shoot for blogging once or twice a week if possible. I do work so thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Joey Richter